With this in mind, our team has come up with something special for you!

You need help with planning?
Your customer wants lighting, but you can’t show it to them?

We would be glad to help.

How does it work?

Very easily! You send us a sketch or drawing of the property by e-mail. Using our special software (Datafloor), we provide you with a virtual lighting plan. This gives the customer an idea of what his garden might look like at night.

 Example – View by day
 Example – View by night

The decision is usually made with enthusiasm!


In the following video, we show you an example of professional light planning.


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With the plan, you get a detailed offer that includes all necessary components. We would be pleased to also provide you with a proposal regarding how the wiring can be laid most efficiently from property to property and where the main power supply is best placed.
Creating a plan costs a flat rate of € 75.00 + VAT and is credited to the resulting order.

What remains to be done to bring the product closer to the customer?

Use our seliger presentation case. Here we offer you two different standard cases:

    • Skylight Sortiment
    • Aquaspot Serie
    • Quellstar Serie
    • Aqualine Serie
    • Aqualight Serie

A central connection makes it possible to show the features of all the exhibits contained in case on the customer’s desired property.
At the same time, you can remove the individual parts and place them in the customer’s hand in order to eliminate any remaining doubts regarding the high quality and sophisticated workmanship.

In addition, we offer a sample illumination case individually prepared according to your requirements.

It is easy to handle, of course. You can also give your customers the case so that they can try it out for themselves!


Another thing that is helpful …

With the help of our customers, a data pool with many property images has been accumulated over time. We will gladly make these available to you for customisation of your offers.

You have questions? We would be glad to help.